I am doing research in Professor Clark's Lab for Autonomous and Intelligent Robotics (LAIR). I joined the lab in Fall 2012 as a sophomore and have worked on a couple projects since then. 

My research projects include:

The LAIR has over 10 student researchers all distributed among roughly 4 major projects with a few individual research topics. 

When I first joined, I did background research on Decentralized Multi-Robot Motion Planners and read up on Adam Wiktor and Dexter Scobee's thesis. Come Spring 2013, I transitioned to start up a new project with an application of this research. The new project came to be called Lava Tube Exploration and was an interdepartmental effort between with the physics department. I did summer research on this, focusing on autonomous robot navigation through rough terrain (sandy lava tubes in the desert). 

After the summer concluded, I took a month break and returned to help Adam and Dexter get more data for a publication of their thesis. My goal for the Fall 2013 semester was to code a reformulated pseudocode algorithm in C# for implementation on the Jaguar Lite platform. This simulation and hardware functionality was to show the code works beyond simulation (which was not shown in their thesis) and to confirm the newly written algorithm still held.