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A Better Pen

posted Dec 30, 2013, 1:37 AM by Sean M. Messenger   [ updated Apr 6, 2014, 4:23 PM ]
There are many things that people rehash again and again trying to make perfect. Usually, they succeed with clearly defined goals. But something as personal as a, I have never found one that fits my personal criteria. 

When I look for a pen, I want one that
  • uses gel ink,
  • has a very fine tip (~0.3mm to ~0.4mm),
  • has a clip,
  • does not have a cap, and
  • feels like a quality item.
The fine tip gel ink is surprisingly hard to come by in and of itself. I don't know why, but most companies think 0.38mm is "Ultra Fine" or something. To me, that's fat. But there are gel ink refills that I am happy with, such as the Pilot G2. That is a great pen, but does not feel like a quality item. If only it was all-metal, and didn't have a clicker on the top that deploys the tip far too easily.

I was content with the G2 or even the odd Zebra Sarasa gel pen, but when Taylor proposed machining our own body and just using our favorite gel refill. Great idea! We have the capability, facilities, and skills to do just that while learning a lot.

And then the game was on. See Taylor's A Better Pen page for the full documentation.