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Freshman: Three Quarters Done

posted Nov 13, 2012, 12:42 AM by Sean M. Messenger   [ updated Dec 30, 2013, 5:50 PM ]
My first half semester ended last Friday the 2nd. My Chemistry class ended, and MATH 40 (Linear Algebra) changed to MATH 45 (Differential Equations). Other than those changes, every class stays the same. So, for the last half semester of my freshman year, I have:

  • E4 - Introduction to Engineering and Design;
  • BIO 52 - Introduction to Biology;
  • MATH 45 - Differential Equations;
  • PHYSICS 24 - Mechanics and Wavemotion;
  • CHEM 24 - Chemistry Lab;
  • HSA 10 - Facts and Interpretations.

In MATH 45, we are going to only cover Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs). We've covered separation of variables, intervals of existence, loss of solutions, and done some extensive stuff with logistic equations. We are on first order linear ODEs by integrating factors (next homework assignment). The first two homeworks are below, and all of the last half semester's homework is under MATH 40. The final and graded midterm are also attached. (I believe 80% was the average)

In PHYSICS 24, we've covered everything Newtonian Mechanics: circular motion, impulse, momentum, forces, acceleration, gravity, springs, etc. Since we've already had special relativity last semester, there was a bit of analysis between it and classical mechanics. Homework, quizzes, and midterm are below.

E4 is the engineering class. We have had two "Design Exercises," or projects. The first has been to create a solution to a problem, and the second was reverse engineering (of a toy car). For the latter, the Solidworks render is of the gear mechanism in pull-back toy cars. I made a sheet metal tool tray and two faces (a hard steel alloy and soft nylon) for a hammer. Over the next few weeks I am going to make the wood handle and a metal head, as shown in the drawings the profs gave us, below. I used the lathe for the two faces, and am going to sandblast and harden (heat treat) the hard face.

All the other classes are so-so . I have 18.5 credits this semester, which is an overload (had to fill out an overload petition along with like a third of the freshman class to get E4). I am taking Summer Math for sure, and will be done by June 1st. That is MATH 60 (Multivariable Calculus) and MATH 65 (Differential Equations and Linear Algebra II), which means I will have taken 10.5 credits of math this year.

The freshmen in my hall and I are working on a side project (that goes slowly as we don't have much time), and we have planned it out according to the attached AVC Project Model. We have a few sketches and Solidworks designs. We will use Arduinos as the microcontrollers with bluetooth connectivity to a laptop; we may integrate a Raspberry Pi (micro-computer the size of an Arduino that I ordered; google it) on as well. The short term goal is to get a plan, designs, and successful tests to ask for money/help from HMC to continue -- it is going to be a modular chassis that we could do a multitude of things with. Some ideas already being tossed around are a Nerf gun turret, an autonomous robot, etc.

11 March 2012