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Freshman: Fifth Week

posted Nov 13, 2012, 12:40 AM by Sean M. Messenger   [ updated Dec 30, 2013, 5:50 PM ]
I'm just starting my fifth week of College...first Midterms are over, and I'm half way done with most of my current classes (a lot are half-semester long, then they switch to something else). My schedule is attached as "Schedule 2011 Fall - Freshman," but I'm taking:

WRITING 001 -- A college writing class (half semester, trades to Special Relativity)
CHEM 23S -- Chemistry structure (half semester, trades to CHEM23E for Energetics)
CHEM 19S -- Chemistry supplemental course/extra class (half semester, trades to CHEM19E for Energetics)
PHYS 22 -- Mechanical physics lab
CS 5 -- Computer Science introduction, using Python language
E11 -- Autonomous Vehicles, basically doing everything from the ground up on the Arduino platform. We built our own microcontroller, soldered it, wired it, programmed it, are fabricating a chassis...etc. We get a homework assignment every week, in addition to the five class hours. Video of what that code does: this video and this video
MATH 30B -- The accelerated Intro Calculus course; everyone gets put into either MATH 30B or MATH 30G (Black and Gold, respectively) where only 20% of the entering students get into B. Just took my midterm. (half semester, trades for Prob Stat)
MATH 15 -- The Art and Application of Calculus, runs alongside MATH 30 and has more real-life applications of the Calculus.
MATH 190 -- Mathematical Modeling, using math to model scenarios...currently working on pharmacy buyouts and profitability for companies competing for a patent and product (and the possible consequences and outcomes).
MATH 191 -- Putnam Seminar, practice for the Putnam test (or just a class where we do really hard problems, in short).
SWIM COND -- Swim conditioning; basically an advanced swim class for aerobic PE credit. The pool is even California... =D perfect!

My schedule for this week, HMC Schedule. Most of the stuff (especially the classes) are the same from week to week. This Friday there is a lecture on Chaos Games and Fractals by a professor from Boston University, Sundays I'm doing Archery (with a recurve bow, but arrows oh so too short for me, haha), Saturdays I'm doing Fencing (Épée style, which is traditional rapier-like), and...yeah. So much more. But Wednesdays are my busiest day: it's 14 hours long (from 8 AM to 10 PM), with hour-ish breaks for lunch and dinner.

I'm in a Double in Case Dorm, second story. Case is the second furthest dorm from "Ac End" (Academic End) of campus...about an 8 minute leisurely walk, or 2 minute jog. Campus map is attached as "Map of Claremont Colleges.pdf".

I'm using my refrigerator for drinks, bagels, snacks, yogurt, etcetera. It's definitely coming in handy! The microwave and grill combo is PERFECT for the bagels (grill coil things) and soup/hot microwave stuff (microwave itself). Tomorrow I start playing Humans vs. Zombies, a must-do college experience apparently haha. Sounds like fun.